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Mavera offers insurance medicine advisory services through a nationwide network of experienced and independent medical advisors. Through our case management system VERA, we simplify and streamline the insurance medicine advisory process. We conduct an active and structured quality work, both towards clients as well as the medical advisors in our network. Our services can be used as full-service solutions but also as complements to your own processes. Mavera is expanding within the Nordic countries and have customers in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Insurance Medicine Advisory Services

Network of medical advisors

Mavera has a broad network of more than 200 independent specialist doctors in all relevant specialist fields. We take full responsibility for the whole process and always ensure that the right medical expertise and sufficient capacity is available to assess our customers’ cases. We are continuously recruiting new medical advisors to our network.


Using an independent party in insurance medicine assessments increases credibility for clients and provides assurance for the insured. Cases sent to Mavera are allocated to a randomly selected medical advisor within the desired specialist field.


Our clients get access to a large network of specialist doctors, no resources need to be allocated for recruitment, administration and training of medical advisors. Mavera works proactive with recruiting new specialist doctors to the different specialist areas, new specialist doctors receive ongoing mentoring from experienced medical advisors.

We arrange workshops for the medical advisors within the different specialist fields. On these days, the advisors meet and discuss current topics and case studies.

All types of claims

Mavera handles thousands of cases per month with an average turnaround time of 2 days. We handle all types of claims, for example;

– Accident
– Health insurance
– Illness
– Patient injury
– Personal injury due to liability
– Personal injury due to traffic incident
– Pharmaceutical injury
– Risk assessment
– Workers compensation

VERA – Web-based case management system

Mavera has developed a case management system, VERA. VERA is a modern application developed specifically for the process within insurance medicine. The system facilitates and streamlines the communication between claims handlers and medical advisors through improved processes and time saving features. The system is developed and maintained at Mavera, enabling us to be responsive and create solutions that fits our clients’ needs.


We put great emphasis and focus on security due to the nature of the information that is being processed in Vera. External parties and resources conduct security tests on the application on a regular basis. We continuously invest time and resources to improve the security and meet the requirements users and organizations have for a modern application.

Simple and effective

VERA is a simple and user-friendly application with several time-saving features. The system is optimized to give a well-structured approach to insurance medicine and to simplify the communication between claims handlers and medical advisors. Our web-based case management system creates short turnaround times which means more efficient claims adjustment. The application is maintained and developed to be easily adjusted to each customer’s specific needs.

VERA is translated into the following languages;
– Swedish
– English
– Norwegian
– Finnish
– Danish
– Portuguese

Access to statistics

VERA gives great control and overview of cases. Our clients have access to statistics, making it easier to keep track of claims and improve their services.

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