Insurance medicine advisory services

A network of independent medical advisors together with our digital case management system

We offer independent insurance medicine advisory services with the goal of simplifying the process for companies working with personal injuries. Through a self-developed web-based system we can create tailored solutions and be agile for our clients. Our services help companies to get independent medical advice in a secure, simple and effective way. We conduct an active and structured quality work, both against our clients and to the over 200 medical advisors we have in our network. Our clients also have access to statistics in the web-based system, making it easier to keep track of their work.

Mavera manages the case reviews in an elegant and flexible manner, with easy access to information and fast interaction with the claims handlers. The platform is simple and user-friendly, I have also seen how Mavera works with continues improvements over the years I have used it. Maveras platform would not necessarily only apply to insurance companies, but could also act as inspiration for companies in other industries that work with information management and information feedback.

Olle Svensson, Professor, specialist in orthopaedics

By my experiences Mavera has a very flexible, compact and comprehensive system – when you face uncertainties or review questions, the platform will allow for easy access to claims handlers. It is not only the platform that is excellent, but also their support is first grade through its easy access and immediate response. In my opinion I see the whole package as a role model for the industry.

Ingrid Ekenman, Med Dr, specialist in ortopaedics

Mavera is a blessing for the claims handler’s everyday activities; it is user-friendly and easy to work with. With Mavera we get an efficient collected overview of the cases, including the case history in a structured format. Mavera does not only provide swift support, but they are also helpful and open to improvements.

Kristina Löthman, claims handler at Moderna

Our clients include insurance companies, claims management companies, attorneys and law firms.

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